Employee Productivity Analytics

Increase employee efficiency and gain business insight

Automatically Improve Efficiency

Knowing how employees are working is hard. In the office you can't be with them all day. Remotely you never can be.

Umbop Analytics employee monitoring software bridges that gap, by automatically tracking employee activity. Gain insight by seeing how many hours they actually worked and on what. 

Choose how you monitor employees. Set employees as anonymous and record productivity scores, or view in-depth reports with access to screenshots, websites visited and apps used.

Get a look at how employees, teams, departments and the whole business is doing over periods of time. Spot issues, trends and surprises earlier rather than later.

Employee Tracking

  • Productivity score and rankings
  • Compare employees efficiency
  • Time tracking
  • Keep employees anonymous or optionally record screenshots, websites and apps

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Increase Productivity

Visibility of underperforming employees

Improve Time on Job

See actual time spent working productivity


Show or anonymise employees and choose recording levels

Easy Getting Started

Small install and fully cloud based

Business Insights

Get the big picture by seeing efficiency of employees, teams, departments and the whole business.

Analyse peaks and dips in performance, effects of new plans and detect early signs of potential issues and trends.

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Using Employee Productivity Analytics

A small app is installed on each employee’s laptop and/or computer. This can be for onsite, remote and hybrid employees.

Data is crunched and shown in a concise, easy way. Log in anytime, anywhere to see the data.

See and compare productivity scores, find your best workers and spot employees struggling. 

Increase Employee Productivity

Explore employee productivity scores and time tracking. See the best and worst performers and spot good and bad trends.

Set recording to be anonymous or show user info – choose the level you’re comfortable with.

Comment on employee activity and flag points of interest.

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Improve Company Performance

View all employees scores and activity from one place. See the best and worst performers.

Explore how different teams and departments compare.

View powerful data insights that could enable financial savings and grow business productivity.

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